In The Raw

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4888 #7 Hwy
Porters Lake, NS
B3E 1J5

In The Raw is a health driven company that provides vegan and live raw foods. All of our products are dairy-free and processed sugar-free. (we only use oragnic dates or maple syrup to sweeten our products). All of our products are made on site. We specialize in fresh wheatgrass, a variety of crisp sprouts, freshly made almond milks, vegan cheeses, master tonic, kombucha, dried fruits & rolls, vegan dips, soups, raw pies, cheesecakes, brownies...and our hottest product...vegan ice-creams! ....and our peanut butter balls are to die for!!! Absolutely healthy and delicious! Also selling FRESH turmeric root! You'll also be able to find a wide range of essential oils at In The Raw. 


Contact: Lenna

Phone: 1 (902) 403-0303


Tues - 9-5
Wed - 11-5
Thurs - 11-5
Fri - 9-5
Sat - 11-3
Sun & Mon - Closed

Region: Eastern Shore

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