Virga Vodka

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75 Ferry Lane
Guysborough, NS
B0H 1N0

Inspired by tales of the sea here on Nova Scotia's Atlantic coast, Virga Vodka takes shape from the vapours in our copper stills at the Authentic Seacoast Distillery on historic Guysborough harbour. Distilled with only local Nova Scotia ingredients, our vodka is unique expression of Nova Scotia's distinct terrior. To create a great vodka, you need to begin with great water and our local Glanbùrn artesian water gives Virga a soft texture. Originating in the pristine Mildford Haven watershed, Glanbùrn passes through layers of glacial rock on a journey to our distillery, giving the water a natural mineral content and alkalinity that you can taste. For our wheat, we looked to the bountiful Annapolis Valley, home to some of Atlantic Canada's best agricultural land. The spring wheat grown in the Annapolis Valley gives our vodka a smooth taste and creamy finish. We distill in small batches and triple distill our vodka to ensure only the purest hearts are captured in the distillation process. The result is a soft, smooth and creamy vodka that is a pleasure to drink on its own or mixed in a cocktail.

Contact: John Stapleton

Phone: 1 (902) 533-3904


Region: Eastern Shore

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